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Juror's Guide - If You Are On a Jury, Be Fully Informed


A top-rate set of information guides and brochures you can print, so we can all be FULLY INFORMED jurors.  The Jury is one of the most powerful of all tools in stopping tyranny, injustice, and oppression.  BUT, you have to be fully informed in order to use it!  Why?  Because judges are corrupt, and will not correctly instruct you in this power and the law.  They have become a hegemony of lawyers in robes, and most have long forgotten their true mandate... serving the interests of their oligarchic system, rather than of the People.

Jury Nullification and People's Grand Jury - The Power to End Dictatorship is in Your Hands

The Declaration of Independence and Your Complete Constitution - With Easy Guide to Public Enforcement

Shocking Real History - The CHANGE Your Founders Believed In

Nullification - The Rightful Remedy

State Officials Refuse to Enforce Illegal Gun Laws

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